Escuela de Danza Pucón Website Interface (UI)

About the project:

Escuela de Danza Pucón is a school located in Chile that provides classes to children and teenagers. The school wanted a web page that would transmit confidence and profesionalism.

Role: User Interface Designer (UI)


To use the branding’s color palette.
To transmit profesionalism.
To show who’s behind the company.
To tell school’s history.


The first practical step of the job is to select which methodology to follow: Hierarchy of information. That’s the moment where we can try to think like costumers and ask ourselves: What do I, as a costumer, want to see first, on the moment I acceed a Dancing Scool webpage? With the support of the company’s owner (to extract information from her experience), I was able to create the following structure for the home page:

  1. Current school program
  2. Welcoming
  3. About school
  4. Registration
  5. Courses
  6. Team
  7. Contact.


All the textual content were developed with the support of the school’s owner in order to guarantee that every term will be well written. All the photos belongs to Escuela de Danza Pucón.

I applied rounded corners and wave form dividers so the project could be more smooth (like dancing).

Final Result – Home Page

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