Patín Center Flyer Creation

About the project:

Patín Center is a store, located in Madrid, with an amount of services related to electric scooter: buy, sell, maintaince and support. They reached me to produce their brand new flyer.

Role: Graphic Designer


To create a flyer so it can transmit happines, youth and highlight the main service: repair scooters.


Non-digital flyer;
A5 size (15x21cm);


Considering the main objective and the amount of texts informations the client had been sent to me, I developed a wireframe using the principle of hierarchy, and the idea was:

The first thing people must see is the service: Repair scooters.
Then, the second thing must be: the idea of happiness;
And last (but not least) the contact information.

Flyer wireframe

Image choice

The reason of choosing the main photo was to represent youth. I has to be an image that people would feel more connected to the company’s service, that’s why I looked for real people image, not illustrations nor drawings. And the reason I chose a photo with a man and a woman on it was because it would represent more people than one single gender, for example.


The brand colors of Patín Center are Yellow, Black and White. But these colors, by themselves, do not transmit the joy or happiness that the project was asking. So I added more options of colors to achieve the proposal.

On the other hand, the background of a black wall (that exist on the original logo) was applied on this project to maintain the consistensy of the brand.

Final result

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